Saturday, 24 October 2009

Do Something Different...

... in the middle of the night!

Hoje muda a hora.
Numa altura em que todos reclamam da falta de tempo, já pensaram o que vão fazer com os 60 minutos extra, esta noite?

Sugestão da M. : Mãe devíamos fazer uma festa!

Brighton's White Night Festival

"Let fate be your fortune as you take a tour of the unexpected at Brighton’s second White Night Festival on Saturday 24 October. This year the all night cultural festival invites you to partake of some much-needed fortune, so join us in a magical evening where things are not always quite as they seem…

Behind venue doors and outside among our historical streets and squares lies a series of real and virtual trails and installations, so join us on an evening of fortuitous fun. Most of the events are free and some run until dawn so take advantage of the end of British Summer Time and spin the wheel of chance for an extra hour."

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